dantes peak

Dante's Peak (1997)

Concept featured in clip: Seismometers and Earthquakes
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(Caution: This clip contains some strong language.)

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Summary of clip: This clip begins with Dr. Dalton and two other geologists setting up seismometers on the side of Dante's Peak and ends with Dr. Dalton arguing with Paul about alerting the town.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: When students are learning about seismometers and seismic waves, this clip can be used to show how geologists use the information seismometers gather in the field to interpret earthquake activity.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a.We see Dr. Dalton and two other geologists installing a seismometer on the side of Dante's Peak. How does a seismometer detect earthquakes?

b. One geologist mentions to Rachel that the seismometers in- stalled on Dante's Peak are detecting between 25 and 75 microquakes a day. What is a microquake? Can we feel them?

c. When Dr. Dalton and Terry take Spiderlegs to gather data on Dante's Peak, an earthquake occurs. Dr. Dalton tells Paul that the earthquakes were magmatic and not tectonic. What does this mean? Why does Dr. Dalton want to alert the townspeople right away?

2. Have students research the different kinds of earthquakes. How are the earthquakes caused by Dante's Peak different from earthquakes that occur along the San Andreas Fault?

3. When Terry goes to fix Spiderlegs, he puts on a mask before descending into the crater. Have students investigate the different effects volcanoes have on humans (gases, geothermal energy, climate, etc.) Why did they send Spiderlegs instead of the geologists?

4. While Spiderlegs is surveying the crater, Paul says he sees some minor geothermal activity occurring. Have students research the benefits of geothermal activity to humans.