Contagion (2011)


Concept featured in clip:

Concept featured in clip: Epidemiology, R0



Connection of flickclip to the concept:This would be an excellent way to introduce the concepts of epidemiology. This metric is useful because it helps determine whether or not an infectious disease can spread through a population. This can help put numbers to well-known diseases in our history. It can help students visualize the degree of destruction some diseases are capable of causing, such as measles.


Summary of clip:In this clip Dr. Erin Mears is explaining the concept of R0. She explains how it is the average number of people a person will infect for a given disease. She gives examples of various R0s for common diseases.


Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

Teachers can discuss the factors that are considered when measuring R0. The can also encourage students to compare known R0s for given diseases. It can help students put them in perspective. They can compare the R0s for well-known diseases, and possibly compare it to how the media has portrayed the disease. Questions to consider:

  1. What factors control R0?
  2. What are the R0 values for well-known diseases of our past?
  3. What are the R0 values for current diseases, such as the flu?
  4. Examples where the media has sensationalized a disease with relatively low R0?