Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Concept featured in clip: States of Matter
Location of clip: 33:50-37:13 (DVD)

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Summary of clip: Flint Lockwood is a local inventor who has invented a machine that can mutate water in the clouds into food. He meets a weather girl in town covering a sardine story and is interested in asking her out on a date. He knows that she loves Jell-O so he creates a Jell-O funhouse for their date.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Sam mentions that Jell-O is both a liquid and a solid. In fact Jell-O is a colloid. The protein molecules in Jell-O stick together in a matrix form while suspended in liquid. Sam mentions that Jell-O is both a solid and a liquid.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students:

What is unique about Jell-O?

Could you classify it as a solid or a liquid?

What are the 3 states of matter and what are their properties?

What are some examples of other colloids?

2. Explore the movement of molecules at different temperatures for different states of matter. Boil water and place in a milk jug. Observe the milk jug expand as molecules heat and move around.

3. Make Oobleck out of corn starch and water. It flows like a liquid but can take the form of its container like a solid.