Cast Away (2000)


Concept featured in film:Human Social Behavior

Location of clip: DVD: 1:26:34 - 1:27:26


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Summary of clip: Chuck Noland is talking to Wilson about the plan to leave the island. He has an entire conversation with Wilson where he appears to respond to Wilson's non-existent comments.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This can serve as an engaging way to start a discussion of human social behavior.

Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Chuck's carrying on a conversation with a volleyball. Has he completely lost it at this point? Is talking to Wilson an indication of insanity? Are these conversations keeping him sane?

b. Is he really hearing the volleyball talk, or might Wilson's part of the conversation represent something? What is he responding to?

c. For anyone who has seen the whole movie (Careful, if some people don't want to have it ruined for them, you might want to leave this out), did you get attached to Wilson too? How did you feel when he was lost at sea? If it upset you, why? He was, after all, just a volleyball.

d. Have you ever talked to something (pet, inanimate object, imaginary friend,etc) that you knew could not talk back? Why?

e. Why do we project human characteristics (personification) onto non-human parts of the world around us? What are some examples? (movies with talking animals, plants, home appliances, etc.)

f. Can a person maintain their sanity living completely separated from other humans?

g. Are humans social creatures? Do they need other human interaction to survive?