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Bloodsport (1987)


Concept featured in film:Force, Momentum

Location of clip:

*Contains some foul language during and immediately following clip.*

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Summary of clip: In order to validate his ticket to enter the Kumite tournament, Frank Dux must first break a brick with his bare hands.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This flickclip is a great way to introduce students to force and momentum. Frank is putting a large impulse on the bricks in a short amount of time to produce a considerable enough force to break the brick.

Suggestions to teachers:
1.Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Why do the brikes break when hit with a punch but boxers' faces don't break when hit? What is different about the way Frank hits the bricks and the way a boxer hits an opponent

b. What would happen if the distance between Frank and the bricks were reduced by half? How would he have to adjust his punch to break the bricks?

c. Is Frank's punch to the bricks similar to a car colliding with a tree or with a snowdrift? Why?

d. What are some examples of force and momentume in our lives?

2. You can show this clip and have students research different saftey features for automobiles.

3. You can use this clip to intoduce students to the remarkable resiliency of the human body. Why did the bricks break and not Frank's hand? Do you think it was special effects? Could anybody do what he did?