Concept featured in film:

Myth v. Fact: Whether Atlantis exists

Location of clip: DVD: First 5 minutes

Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip: This flickclip starts with the sinking of Atlantis into the ocean. The next scene is of Milo Thatch preparing for his presentation to "the board" at Mr. Harcourt's office on where the lost city of Atlantis is located and why it has not been found yet. He claims to have translated the writing on an old Viking shield and the Shepherd's Journal revealing that Atlantis is located on the Coast of Iceland not the Coast of Ireland.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This Walt Disney movie can help tackle the misconceptions or myths of Atlantis by having students observe and collect their own evidence to back up their side of the debate.

Suggestions to teachers:

1. Have students write on a slip of paper whether they believe Atlantis was an actual place and collect them. Tally up the votes and discuss the results.

2. Watch the flickclip on Atlantis and have the students take notes on how the can enhance their side of the debate on whether Atlantis, on film, was an actual place.

3. Allow students time to investigate using Internet, library resources etc. to research the two sides and pick a side for the debate.

4. Have a debate on whether Atlantis was an actual place giving each side ample time to present their evidence, question the other side's evidence and rebuttal.

5. Talk about myth v. fact and discuss what needs to be present in order for something to be a fact and not hearsay or a myth. Define these terms clearly and lead into the importance of evidence to back up facts.