Wall-E (2008)
Concept featured in clip: Earth Science
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 17 Define Earth

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Summary of clip: In the movie, the panet Earth had become inhabitable for life so all life has moved to space shuttles. The captain analyzes a substance found by Wall-E and the computer results come back as "soil," "dirt," or "earth." The captain becomes intrigued and asks the computer to "Define Earth."
Connection of flickclip to the concept:The computer analyzes a soil sample and gives the captain a basic definition of "Earth."
Suggestions to teachers: This whole movie has to do with the conversation of earth and is good to consider showing a class, however this clip is a great way to explore the concept of earth and allow students to produce the concept of what earth is. Possible questions include:
1. What kinds of pictures does the computer show in response to the question, "what is earth?"

2. Scientifically, what is earth?

3. Personally, what is earth to you?