Talledega Nights (2006)

Concept featured in clip: The effect of traumatic events on mental health
Location of clip: (DVD)

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Summary of clip: Ricky thinks that he is paralyzed after a terrible race car accident. He finds out that he is uninjured by sticking a knife in his leg.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Ricky is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder which is why he thinks he is paralyzed when he in fact is not.
Suggestions to teachers:

Questions to ask after viewing:
After his race car accident, why does Ricky think he is paralyzed when he actually is not?
How has Ricky’s mental health been affected by his accident?
How can you relate this to real life?
This clip, while funny and fictional, can lead into a discussion of a very serious mental illness: post-traumatic stress disorder. Students can brainstorm potential causes of PTSD and research different treatment options.