Madagascar (2005)

(flick 4)

Concept featured in clip: Biodiversity
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 9

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Summary of clip:Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria have landed on the beach of Madagascar and think it is another zoo. In search for humans, they hear music coming from inside the jungle. They run towards the music, and through the jungle, and find a colony of lemurs.
Connection of flickclip to the concept:While running through the jungle, the characters run past a vast amount of biodiversity in the plant life, and even animal life surrounding them. When they reach the colony oflemurs, it is even an example of species diversity.
Suggestions to teachers: Before showing the clip ask the students to count the number of different species of plants and animals they see. It is impossible to count them all due to the high diversity in the jungle. This is a good clip to show after they have developed concepts of the three levels of biodiversity: ecosystem, species, and genetic. It can also be a good clip to introduce biodiversity.

1. How many different plants and animals did you find?

2. What types of biodiversity are in this clip?

3. What kinds of organisms do you think were present in this ecosystem that maybe we didn't see?

4. Was there diversity within the lemur population?