Men In Black -- The Noisy Cricket

Men In Black (1997)

Concept featured in clip:

Concept featured in clip: Newton’s Third Law of Motion



Connection of flickclip to the concept:This clip could be connected to Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The idea that every force has an equal and opposite reaction. Agent J feels the opposite force of the shot being fired out of the noisy cricket by being shot backwards. This could be calculated by using assumptions from the movie, such as mass of Agent J, approximate distance travelled.

Summary of clip:In this clip Agent J is chasing after the “bug” alien. He has been given the noisy cricket as his weapon, much to his disappointment. This is the first time he has fired the noisy cricket, and he is surprised by the power of the small weapon. He is shot back by the force of the shot fired.


Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

Students can discuss the concepts behind Newton’s Third Law of Motion. They can watch the clip and approximate the values for the variables needed to calculate the force being applied to Agent J. Additionally students can find real world examples of where they see this concept.


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