General Education Resources

Here are some resources for general education practices and some excellent sources for non-science content areas.


Get Caught Engineering

"Get Caught Engineering was created to inspire elementary students to explore the world of engineering and apply the design process to problem solving." Even though this site was created for elementary students, it can easily be adapted for all grade levels. The best part of the site is the interactive nature of all of the experiments.

Get Caught Engineering Experiments


Vernier Scientific Experiment

Vernier Scientific has posted the introduction and materials portions of the experiments in their various lab books. The books and experiments range from basic to advanced levels in multiple subjects. The full lab books can be purchased from the website, but the free previews are enough to design an inquiry-based experiment that has the same objectives.

Vernier Labs



Edutopia is a resource website that focuses on "what works in education". Professional development, educational philosophies, and instructional strategies are all included on this site. Some of the specific core concepts are Project-based Learning, Technology Integration, Teacher Development, and Comprehensive Assessment.



National Science Foundation: Graduate STEM Fellows

This page has links and sites for STEM activites across all grade levels and several content areas. The site is hosted by the National Science Foundation and even has a search function that will look for STEM projects by state.

STEM Resources