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Where Hollywood Meets Your Science Classroom!

So what is Flickclip all about? Science in movies: FlickClip is for science teachers wanting to show science in movies. FlickClip shows you how Hollywood uses Science in Movies. It demonstrates ways to bring popular movies into the science classroom. Hop right in and help your students dive into the world of science in movies with these clips and teaching suggestions! Don't forget to bookmark this site and visit again soon!

Despicable Me

Stealing the moon is outrageously unrealistic but can bring about a discussion about the moon and how it affects the Earth.

Charlotte's Web

This clip is an engaging way to begin a learning cycle about the importance of biodiversity.


The clip shows Newton's Third Law and incorporates aspects of Elastic Collisions, Momentum, and Velocity.

Jack and Jill

This clip is a good way to start discussion of sound waves and resonance.

Forrest Gump

This clip can either introduce the topic of homeostasis-where Forrest's body is trying to return to normal by relieving excess fluids, or the excretory system, which is working overtime in Forrest's body.


This could be a great clip to lead into learning about how the human body conducts and is a source of electricity.


This clip is a visual way for students to see how genetics can be engineered for specific adaptations.

Mars Needs Moms

Visible light consists of the electromagnetic waves of light that we can see. Objects absorb light waves or reflect light waves.